From worry
It's time to claim what you deserve
You feel as if invisible threads make you doubt yourself
Painful emotions resurface and limit your growth
Similar stressful themes reappear in your life over and over
you feel angry frustrated and tired in your relationship
You can't break the cycle
It all comes down to this...
your relationship reflects your self-doubt… as if they know all your pain points.
Your work is overwhelming… and you constantly do more without any recognition.
You struggle to say 'No" and end up chronically exhausted.
Stories of unworthiness and 'not enoughness' you repeat in your mind.
It's your time to change that.

Deeply perceptive.



Tender and open hearted

Unique combination. Extreme and valuable.
You are...
Your sensitivity adds to your immense power.

But you had to mask it, hide it. You're cynical and sarcastic. You need facts, you need clarity.
Teachings around are either too spiritual or too materialistic; either too mysterious or too rigid. You're all of these and more.

The challenge? No matter how much you achieve, self-doubt keeps chasing you. It's exhausting.

Your level of worthiness was defined before you were even born. Stories passed through generations. Stories you keep telling yourself define how you feel about yourself.
All those critical thoughts… all the paralysing doubts and sense of unworthiness is NOT who you're.

But the stories you've absorbed....
1. Heal the story of unworthiness
To change the story of unworthiness… you need to get access to the bountiful space of your unconscious.

Suppressed emotions, hidden shame, repeated trauma of lack.

The challenge is...

Our unconscious mind was designed to protect us from trauma.

It blocks access to most traumatic moments and emotions at the core of the stories we tell ourselves. They guide our decisions but are hidden under 'reasoning'.

Ever reasoned yourself into a complete disaster?
That's what I'm talking about.

Blocking pain is how we survived as a humanity.Until now.

Now it stops our progress.

As we're moving into the era ofemotional evolution.
You can leap right to the core of your pain.

Befriend your unconscious.

Honour your feelings without overwhelm.

You can.
First, by learning a process that took me years to develop.

But most importantly... you're made for this.

You have capacity for such discoveries inside of you.

Your sensitivity, perceptiveness prepared you.

No matter how challenging it was growing us as a sensitive kid,
You've developed strength and depth required for emotional evolution.
2. Access collective unconscious
You feel emptier no matter how much you achieve.

Is that what it means to be an adult? Permanent numbness?

The answer is NOT in doing more 'work'. It's in finding enough depth for a deeply sensitive wise soul most healing tools don't have.

Through your sensitivity you carry stories of generations, their sense of unworthiness and limitation
You feel their pain as your own. It shows up as:

unexplained sadness
unreasonable self doubt
shame and guilt for feeling good or getting what you want

Self-doubt eats up your energy
3. Restore your energy
In your most traumatic moments

when the pain was too much
your boundaries were violated

your nervous system
couldn't process the pain - so you believed you are the problem. Something must be wrong with you if …. add your most traumatic moments.
Exhausted and drained...?
I'll teach you how to separate YOURSELF from what happened to you, pain and self-doubt it left…
get your energy back

cut the cords to the toxic past

set boundaries that empower you

understand your emotions

befriend critical voices in your head


With my full support you will dig deeper than ever and build skills to take away for life:
It carries, 'remembers' too much hurt, anger, fear.
It's unconscious.

You can't remember it clearly;

But you experience it through different situations in life over and over.

Logically it doesn't make sense. Because you're looking in a wrong place.

If your body feels like an enemy
4. Unworthiness lives in the body
unexplained pain

constant muscle tension & discomfort

lack of energy & exhaustion


You'll uncover and heal unworthiness stuck in your body as:
After taking the program you heal your worth. Embody your uncompromising worthiness and...
Tune up your inner compass. Stay connected to your intuition. Your needs. Your creativity.
Befriend your innermost hidden emotions & feelings. You won't just understand them. You use them as fuel.
Win over 'Oh no, that's not me' monster. When you hear 'well done' you don't shy away or give away the credit. You smile and nod. And you mean it.
Stand your ground as if you hold a crown. Say yes only when it matters. And no without shame.
Have more than enough energy for yourself.
Befriend obsessive overthinking dragon. Thinking is good. Make it work for you. Not against you.
Stay in sync with your soulful tender self while remaining an ambitious BADASS. Achieving results. And turning this world upside down (we need you!)
Speak up with clarity. Receive that promotion, bonus or a surprise vacation. And simply have a night to yourself. Guilt free.

When you heal, pain suppressed hurt and anger come up. It's natural. It's progress.
That's why strong community and support are SO important.
But this is a next level offering.
And I am here to help. Art of The Mind is an incredible community of Sensitive Badasses™ with tons of helpful free resources.
It took me years to create this. My whole life really. All of it and more will be packed inside this incredible community space.

Space for you to heal, grow, connect on a deeper level.
Find your inner magic, achieve more.
No guilt, no self-doubt.
From worry mind to...WorthyMind.

Every month we take one block that prevents you from feeling your worth

One blocks that makes you overthink and constantly criticise yourself.

And we go deep.
We heal step by step.

With each new module comes more freedom. But you will see results right away.

As the WorthyMind comes with everyday support you’ll address THE EXACT issue that prevents you from achieving your current most pressing goal.

Every month you’ll walk out with desired real changes in your life.

Every week you’ll walk out with priceless insight and simple step-by-step plan to progress your healing.

Every day you’ll feel lingering inspiration and calm from our weekly meditations and notice small changes to your thinking after our weekly re-wiring practice.

Every hour you remember to breath deeper and stay focused on YOU with our chat support.
1 life-changing topic per month.

Delivered in video lectures.
Audio notes to keep you practicing.
Pdf summaries so you can come back to your notes at any moment.

Weekly healing or re-wiring hypnotic meditations addressing
topic of the month.

Full day to day chat support.
Addressing your personal Qs.
And your unique spin of the topic.
Good coaching (and the one with me) costs thousands per few hours.
With all the support you get from me inside the WorthyMind the cost of an hour for you comes to approximately £25 per hour 😱 Plus invaluable community.

You can join us any month.
Right after purchase you’ll get access to my existing star program. You’ll join one-on-one chat support right away.
And we’ll see you for this month recordings and practices.

BUT. If you feel it’s for you, do not wait! The WorthyMind will be open for limited amount of time and as soon as the group will start getting too big the enrolment for new members will be closed. Quality over quantity. Always.

We only use 100% safe providers.
Any issues, my team is HERE always. Chat with us or send us an email to, will get back to you in a matter of a few hours.

The group is full. The enrolment is closed for now.

Subscribe to our updates to be the first to know when we open up the group again. can't wait!
Our unquestionable guarantee:

if you don't see the results you want,
we add exact modules and tools until you do, specifically for you. If it still doesn't work for you - we will refund you, no questions asked.

Our unquestionable guarantee:

if you don't see results you want,
we add exact modules and tools until you do. Specifically for you. If it still doesn't work for you - we will refund you, no questions asked.

I know it can be scary to invest into a healing program.

Is online training really as effective? Absolutely. It can be when done with integrity, full dedication and passion. You can expect nothing less from me.
What's more, knowing you - you work better on your own time, you create your own rules.

Why an investment? Group coaching’s been proven to be SUPER effective. things we can do when we support and hold each other accountable? You can only imagine.

I have a gift for identifying and addressing the exact trigger or trauma you need to heal so you can get exactly what you want at the moment. Such deep work can be overwhelming. But with a community… when you have others with similar goals support you and have your back the energy of such wise souls elevates us all and helps us grow, heal and manifest faster and with more ease.

Communities like this can change the world. Join us

You'll get access to life-changing content but most importantly we APLLY it together, support and keep each other accountable.

Trust your gut, trust your heart.

I know the power of this program and my coaching tools, I have no doubts it will get you what you truly want.

But you have to be ready.

If you're.. don't hesitate. JOIN US.

What if I don't have time to participate in all the calls? No worries here. We prepare for this, we know you're busy. You get all the recordings. Group work is designed to be efficient and effective recorded. You have chat support always available, plus loads of additional tools that don't require you to be present live.
The more you practice, the better. But I choose and create tools that fit into your lifestyle, enrich your days rather than take away your time.

I'm worried the healing will get too intense. It can. But we're prepared for this. You'll have us to lean on. You might need more rest here and there, be ready for that. But mostly, you'll have more energy while uncovering roots of unworthiness.
*A strong uncompromising community
*modules packed with life-changing insights
*healing meditations
*hypnotic re-wiring meditation
*group calls
*one-on-one chat coaching and EVERYDAY support
*and endless love from me and the group of incredible humans
You'll form your own toolbox of everyday techniques
change negative stories in your head
uncover sense of unworthiness and 'not enoughness', emptiness that troubles you
but the threads of which are 'impossible' to follow
have energy and passion to know what you want and go for it
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